Baby and toddler equipment

Baby and toddler equipment

We want to make travelling with babies and toddlers as easy as possible, so we provide a range of equipment to make it easier to travel with babies and toddlers.

Cots & highchairs

If you are travelling with young children or a baby, we offer cots (which also double as a playpen) and high chairs free of charge at all campsites with a Canvas Holidays courier.

How to book

Please reserve your cots and high chairs when you book your holiday. There is no extra cost for these items as long as you are staying for seven nights or more. Spare packs are not stored on site, so you do need to let us know what you need before you travel.

Mini-Campers pack

On selected campsites we provide Mini-Campers packs and buggies (Mamas & Papas Cruise model or similar) absolutely free of charge.

A Mini-Campers pack includes:

  • Potty
  • Baby bath
  • Toddler table and chairs
  • Bed rail
  • Booster seat
  • Toilet step

How to book

Just tell us what you need when you book your holiday. There’s no extra cost for these packs, but as we don’t store spare packs on site, we do need to know what you need before you travel.

Where are the packs available?

Mini-Campers packs are available on these toddler-friendly campsites: