Introducing our Active Ambassador

Last year, we launched a search for our Active Ambassador. And we’re delighted to introduce James to you. Here, he tells us a bit about himself, and looks forward to his summer of adventuring.

“Lost in the deepest, darkest depths of Transylvania, I was forced to shelter in an eerie, abandoned mountain hut.

I prayed the rickety shack would protect me from the bears, wolves and raging thunderstorm outside – and keep Count Dracula away.

My terrifying night in the Fagaras Mountains of Romania was sleepless, scary and soaking wet – but, bizarrely, the experience led to something awesome.

It gave me the perfect anecdote to show off when I entered a competition on the Outdoor Enthusiast website, which tasked entrants to write about an adventure.

And I won.

So here I am blogging away – praising the day I took a wrong turn in Transylvania – and looking forward to three epic adventure trips with Canvas Holidays.

To kick things off I’m heading to Lake Garda in June followed by a week in both the Swiss and French Alps in July and August respectively.

I can’t wait.


A night at the museum…

No, this isn’t a blog post about a Ben Stiller film. Much as I’d like to spend time reviewing it, this post is actually to tell you about something rather good that’s happening this weekend.

Free entry to loads of different museums, all over Europe. At night. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

Basically, on Saturday 16 May 2015, museums all over Europe will throw open their doors after usual closing hours and invite the public to come and explore. Some are ‘roam free’, while others hold special events or talks.

There are thousands to choose from. If you’re on holiday this weekend, the website has useful links to what’s on where.


Game set & match – the French Open

I love watching tennis. It’s the only sport my husband and I agree on, and we’ve always wanted to watch one of the Grand Slams live. Australia and the US Open are a little out of our price range, and we hadn’t been organised enough to enter the ballot for Wimbledon tickets. The French Open however, seemed like a possibility. Tickets were easy to buy online, so we decided to combine our trip to the tennis with a holiday at the campsite at Berny Rivière, around an hour north of Paris.


8 hours in Amsterdam

If you’re holidaying at Camping Duinrell in Holland this summer, the obvious choice for a day trip is Amsterdam. Easily accessible from the campsite, either on Holland’s super-efficient bus and train network, or by car (though we’d suggest park and ride rather than driving into the city), there’s loads to see and do.

While it would be impossible to cram everything in to one day, it is possible to see a lot as the city centre is fairly compact.


10 reasons to visit Austria

Camping Bella Austria is a glorious sanctuary if you are literally looking to head for the hills. But if you’re curious about what else Austria has to offer, here’s our top 10 reasons to visit.

#10 Adventure

With a dynamic landscape that boasts majestic mountains, luscious forests and crystal-clear lakes, Austria offers a natural playground for adventurers and explorers. Trails for hiking or biking are in abundance, while you can take part in some forest climbing at Gröbming Adventure Park, Styria.