Marina di Venezia, one of our Selection campsites

Introducing our Selection campsites

Now that we’ve introduced you to our Life range of campsites, it’s time to tell you all about Selection. Whether you’re new to camping or a Canvas regular, you’ll love our range of Selection campsites. There’s something for everyone with over 90 campsites to choose from in 8 countries! The Selection range features new campsites…


Kicking off with five top camping destinations where you’ll have a ball this summer

A highly anticipated event in the footballing calendar – the Euros 2016 – is kicking off this Friday in France with the home side taking on Romania. With 24 countries taking part in the competition, here at Canvas we thought we’d showcase five of our top destinations to get in on the action, whether that…

Cannes Film festival

Do something different with your holiday in May & June

Let’s do something different

During May and June there are some brilliant events on such as the Spanish Grand Prix, the Cannes Film Festival and the French Open. Attending big events can be a pretty pricey affair so getting good accommodation at a great price means there’s a bit left over for the fun stuff.

Cannes Film Festival