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The kids are all right!

Our FamilyExtra activity programme is hugely popular with Canvas customers for keeping kids (and adults!) entertained on holiday. We caught up with Shannon Kilcullen, Operations Manager with In2Action – the firm responsible for creating FamilyExtra activities – to find out just what is involved in designing the perfect kids’ activity. How do you research or…


First trip to Lake Garda – what to experience?

I’m heading to Italy for the first time ever in October and I cannot wait. I’ve always wanted to visit Italy and for some reason or another, I’ve never quite got round to it.

After reading our Active Ambassador’s posts over the summer, I felt inspired to go and experience Lake Garda for myself.  I love being outdoors and I do love a good view! I can’t promise that I’ll be quite as active as James but I definitely want to experience as much of the area as possible over the seven days.

Here’s my list of what I’d like to experience:

Experience the Lake

The focal point of the stunning region is the incredibly beautiful Lake Garda itself. A few people have suggested a swim but I don’t think I’m that brave – according to google the water temperature in October is between 10°-15°c. I think hiring a boat for a bit and zipping around, or maybe a more gentle kayak will be the perfect way to appreciate the area from the water.


A day out at Cinecittà World Theme Park, Rome

Fancying a wee break from Scotland, our Online Marketing Executive, Katie headed off to Rome with her husband Chris back in May. Always in search of adventure, she found Cinecittà World close to Camping’s how she enjoyed it:

I wouldn’t class myself as a huge thrill-seeker, but every time I visit a foreign country on holiday I seem to find myself looking for the nearest theme park, waterpark, go-kart circuit, water sports centre…you get the drift. Maybe it’s down to the fair hair and not being able to lie in the sun for any more than half an hour without turning into a tomato!


Pyrotechnic Art Festival, Cannes 2016

For a few nights each summer, the sea and sky around the Bay of Cannes is lit up in the most spectacular fashion as the city plays host to the Pyrotechnic Art Festival. Since 1998 the skies above Cannes have been lit up by some of the world’s best pyrotechnics – translated as firework setter-offers! If you’re in the area, it’s well worth heading down to the bay to watch the spectacular fireworks light up the area.