What is a camping holiday actually like?

A straw poll of friends and family (excluding my camping industry pals obviously) showed that some of them didn’t actually realise what a modern camping holiday is like. So in an effort to clarify I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts about it.

1)     First of all we’re talking about camping holidays in Europe so the vast majority of the time, the weather is going to be a lot better (if you’re reading this from the UK!). Less of the wringing out of smalls and making a mad dash from tent to toilet block and more of the al fresco dining and glass of wine watching the sun go down.


My First Holiday Abroad – Pete

As a dedicated Francophile, and in trying to understand the foundations of my admiration for all things French, I have been reminiscing about my first cross channel trip in the summer of ‘86.

I can’t quite remember when my parents first announced that we were going to spend our summer holidays in France. But I can remember using the fading wallpaper by my bed to start counting down the days like our very own summer Christmas. The planning seemed to last forever; maps were studied, routes were planned, and I even began to take something of an interest in GCSE French.


My First Holiday Abroad – Nicola

Having an Italian grandparent means that I have had something to do with Italy in some shape or form since I was born. But although I heard about Italy all the time the nearest I got to experiencing the country was a monthly trip to the Italian delicatessen with my Gran. In a time when a plate of spaghetti hoops sprinkled with pungent parmesan from a tub was considered to be “foreign” and you had to go to the chemist to get olive oil the Italian deli was a veritable Aladdin’s cave. The overwhelming smell of freshly ground coffee, overladen shelves stacked to the ceiling and the colourful Italian owner are definitely the origins of my passion for Italian food.


Canvas Holidays Blog – the Origins

At Canvas Holidays, we’re experts in self-drive European camping holidays. While our website has loads of information about booking camping holidays in Europe and all the fantastic campsites we offer, we wanted to be able to offfer a bit more. There’s just so much more to discover. Europe is jam-packed with so many interesting places and beautiful…