Ferry and Eurotunnel crossings

Ferry and Eurotunnel crossings

Discover France, Holland and Spain without the plane

If you like the idea of a camping holiday in Europe but want to avoid flying, a ferry or Eurotunnel crossing is the perfect solution. Going by ferry or Eurotunnel means you can take your own car, giving you the freedom to explore far and wide when you’re on your holiday. As ferry prices are usually charged per car, you may find it’s an affordable alternative to air travel.

In light of Coronavirus (COVID) The Foreign Commonwealth Office have issued advice and guidance to keep you safe on your journey. Its important to be prepared in advance so please keep updated and refer to these guides ahead of your trip whether by land or sea.


Brittany Ferries have issued their own guide for safe travel:


Sail by day, overnight or high speed

The holiday fun starts on board when travelling from the UK to France, Holland or Spain by ferry. Many ferries include fantastic on board facilities which can include accommodation, shops & boutiques, restaurants, spa treatment rooms and entertainment for the whole family. 

Our ferry providers offer day, overnight and high-speed crossings. When booking your ferry you must use the same company for outward and inward sailings, but routes can be mixed or changed.

Cross the channel in just 35 minutes

The Eurotunnel is a quick, easy and eco-friendly way to cross the channel getting you to the Continent in just 35 minutes – perfect when travelling with young kids and pets!  Your fares include your vehicle and up to 9 people with no luggage restrictions. 

The Eurotunnel has single deck carriages for cars higher than 1.85 metres (double the size of double deck carriages) so there’s ample room. Remember to check any possible restrictions on the Eurotunnel website.

Planning your journey

Whether you want to hop across the English Channel to the north of France or take a longer sail to Spain you can find a ferry route to suit you. You can sail direct to the continent from eight ports in England. Find the most direct journey to your destination in France, Holland or Spain so you can spend less time (and money) on driving and more time enjoying your holiday.

We offer many different channel crossing routes with ferry companies P&O and Brittany ferries and Eurotunnel. Below is a brief summary of routes departing from the UK to help you plan your travel. 

We advise you plan your route with an online route planner before you set out. On each individual campsite page you will find the GPS coordinates for the campsite, as well as the full campsite address.

Short English channel crossings

Crossing Duration Price per car
Dover to Calais 
(P&O Ferries)
90 mins Return from £70*

Folkestone to Calais
(Euro Tunnel)

35 mins Return from £125

Longer English channel crossings

Crossing Duration Price per car
Portsmouth to St Malo
(Brittany Ferries)
10 hours Return from £340
Poole to Cherbourg
(Brittany Ferries)
4 hours 30 mins Return from £220
Portsmouth to Caen
(Brittany Ferries)
6 hours Return from £200
Portsmouth to Cherbourg
(Brittany Ferries)
3 hours Return from £220
Portsmouth to Le Havre
(Brittany Ferries)
5 hours 30 mins Return from £250
Plymouth to Roscoff
(Brittany Ferries)
5 hours 45 mins Return from £200

Crossings to Holland

Crossing Duration Price per car
Hull to Rotterdam
(P&O Ferries)
10 hours Return from £125*

Crossings to Spain

Crossing Duration Price per car
Portsmouth to Bilbao
(Brittany Ferries)
30 hours Return from £460*
Portsmouth to Santander
(Brittany Ferries Economy)
26 hours Return from £460*

*Fares are for a car and up to two passengers.

Please be aware that prices and routes are subject to change and some routes may have seasonal variations. For sailings on specific times and dates, please call us or check ferry and Eurotunnel timetables.

Booking your ferry or Eurotunnel with Canvas

You are welcome to book your own travel arrangements but we can also book your ferry and Eurotunnel crossings for you via telephone when creating your holiday booking. It’s worth booking early because crossings can fill up, particularly during peak times. Just call our team on 0345 2680 827.

What you need to book

To make a ferry or Eurotunnel booking, you’ll need: your chosen route and preferred times; and your vehicle details, including the height of your vehicle if over 1.5m and whether you are taking bikes, a roof box or a trailer. There is limited ferry space for vehicles which exceed standard height limits, and additional charges can apply. If your bike carrier is not included on your booking you may not be allowed on the ferry. 

Confirming your ferry or Eurotunnel with Canvas

Once booked, you’ll receive confirmation of your campsite and ferry/Eurotunnel bookings by email, followed by your confirmation invoice. 

What happens if I change car registration after I've booked

Simply send us your revised details and we’ll pass these to the ferry company or Eurotunnel. This may incur an amendment fee and if your new vehicle is a bigger model, the ferry company may charge a supplement. 

Taking your car abroad

Before driving to and on the continent, make sure you’re aware of what’s needed when driving to your destination for a hassle free self-drive holiday.