Supporting the Family Holiday Association

Supporting the Family Holiday Association

At Canvas Holiday, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience fun and adventure, and that’s why we’re very proud to support the Family Housing Association as an official charity partner.

For over 30 years, the Family Holiday Association has been working to provide short breaks for the most underprivileged families in our communities. The organisation provides help and support to families in desperate circumstances, ranging from those dealing with a disability, bereavement, poverty and mental health problems.

Families are referred to the Family Holiday Association by a welfare agent, such as a GP, social worker, teacher or anyone with concern for the family’s well-being. Typically, the families referred are on a low income and are unable to afford any kind of holiday.

The families selected are granted a break where they can spend up to a week in a caravan in a UK seaside town.

The benefits from a simple break away from their normal lives are incredibly worthwhile. As well as helping to strengthen relationships within the family, time away can give family members a fresh perspective, providing them with the motivation to make positive changes to their lives.

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How you can help

We ask our customers to donate £2 when they book their holiday. This donation is automatically added to your booking, but is entirely voluntary, so please tell us if you don't wish to make this donation.

Where your money goes

We’ve been raising money for the Family Holiday Association since 2009, when we raised enough money thanks to the generosity of our customers and efforts of our staff, to buy the Family Holiday Association a new mobile home.

In 2013, Canvas presented the Family Holiday Association with the keys to a brand new mobile home based at Craig Tara Holiday Park in Ayrshire. This mobile has allowed 30 families a year to take a much needed break.

Thank you. Your support really does make a difference.